SellerDeck SellerDeck

(formerly Actinic desktop e-commerce)

Simplicity and Control

SellerDeck enables you to set up your first web site and online store with a minimum of technical knowledge or fuss. On-screen help systems walk you through setting up your store, changing the site design and setting up product options.

In crude financial terms this means that for a small outlay you have an online shop that is ready to publish.

End Design has exclusively hosted SellerDeck (Actinic) sites for over 10 years and believe the things that made the desktop solution in the early days of the internet are even more relevant today.

Low Start up cost

for under £499 +VAT you can have a professional looking, fully functional online shop using the latest version of SellerDeck including hosting for one year in probably the most expensive datacentre in the world. Even if your business is a disaster you should be able to recover this level of investment.

Finding a good web designer is not easy. At some stage you will want to personalise and enhance your site but the good news is that initially you do not need one. Actinic software produces a professional looking web site out of the box which you can upload just as soon as you have entered your product details.

There is no annual licence fee and it is not necessary to upgrade the software every time a new version is released. We used Version 6 on this site when we sold the software online.


Most e-commerce solutions are built on the server of your hosting company, SellerDeck however is a software program on your PC or laptop which publishes your site to the web space provided by your Web Host at the touch of a button. What this means is that you do not have to feel that the fate of your online business is in the hands of one particular (hosting) company.

Some other features of the software;

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